Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PHOTO: Police Officer Issues Woman a Ticket For Having HIV

Officer David Lacey Issues Ticket to Woman With HIV
David Lacey, a police officer in the Detroit area, is being accused of violating a woman’s privacy rights after he apparently wrote her a ticket for not informing him that she has HIV. The woman, Shalandra Jones, has been living with HIV for 11 years, and was pulled over for a traffic violation.

The officer, for some reason, wanted to inspect her purse, and that's when he found prescription pills for HIV treatment. He then made some insensitive remarks about the pills, and then says he wonders what would’ve happened had he been punctured by any sharp objects in her purse. Afterwards, he issues her a ticket.

Just one problem with all of this: No state law requires individuals to disclose their HIV-positive status during a routine traffic stop.

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